A sneak peak session: Digital Public Diplomacy from Oxford

News article | 25-01-2018 | 01:29

The Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group is a collaborative academic project that aims to further the study and practice of digital diplomacy. The group is led by Professor Corneliu Bjola (University of Oxford) working together with Dr. Jennifer Cassidy, (St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford) and Ilan Manor (DPhil candidate, University of Oxford).


Over the past two years, the Group has held a series of events both in the UK and around the world. These have included the London Digital Diplomacy Lecture Series co-organised with the embassies of Israel, Latvia, Slovakia and the Cypriot High Commission, which aimed to bridge knowledge and practice gaps between academics and diplomats working in the UK. The Group also organized an event at the UN headquarters in Geneva focusing on the use of digital strategies in support of foreign policy goals, a workshop at the UN headquarters in New York examining the use of digital tools for disseminating strategic narratives and an Ambassadors’ Forum in Tokyo discussing best practices of digital diplomacy.


Additionally, the Group has held a series of workshops at the University of Oxford exploring the use of narratives and images in digital diplomacy, the intersection between diplomacy and innovative technologies (algorithms, augmented/virtual reality, satellite remote sensing), and a doctoral workshop on digital and public diplomacy in collaboration with the USC Centre on Public Diplomacy. In 2018, the Group will convene an international conference on fracturing online echo chambers of hate. The conference is part of a larger grant funded project examining how diplomats engage with hostile online audiences.


As part of the Hague Digital Diplomacy Camp, the Group will convene a session of Digital Public Diplomacy. This session aims to explore how digital tools and platforms have influenced the practice of digital diplomacy, increased the efficacy of digital diplomacy and created new domains of research in the field of public diplomacy.  Three key themes will be proposed for discussion:


  • Pushing boundaries: Using digital tools for overcoming limitations of traditional public diplomacy
  • Crisis communication: strategic narratives as public diplomacy tools
  • Data Analysis and Network Development: Connecting the dots between the front- and the back-end of digital public diplomacy


We look forward to meeting all participants in The Hague!